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Picky Eaters

Some years ago my husband Ron attended a party where a man after eating several helpings of a most delicious food suddenly wouldn’t eat another bite. Why not?

8 Tips on Funeral Etiquette

As I mature (versus getting older) the death of someone I know or love becomes increasingly heartfelt and difficult. In this past year I have attended more funeral services, memorials, and celebrations of life than I care to think about. Yet, with each event, certain situations have revealed themselves; crying out for me to write […]

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Road Sign Etiquette

Many Americans hit the road on vacation each year. In an effort to cut down the number of accidents due to not knowing or understanding road signs, this tip is dedicated to everyone who drives U.S. highways. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This tip is also dedicated to my brother Melvyn Seid who passed away in […]

Dog Etiquette Is No Different Than Human Etiquette

Before we begin . . . a few Bad Dog Pet Peeves from Readers: In my newsletter I asked people to submit their pet peeves about how dogs behave in public. Here are some of their responses, followed by my own comments. Overall, I believe that when it comes to good behavior, humans and dogs […]

What Not to Wear to the Office… Especially When The Weather Is Hot

Having to go to work when the weather is extremely hot is never fun. Yet, regardless of how hot the weather may be, there are certain pieces of clothing a person—man or woman—should never wear in a professional office environment. Examples include…

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8 Ways to Prevent Drunken Guests at Parties – Part 1

In the past month I received two inquiries on how to handle staff members who become drunk at company events, and how to handle guests who get inebriated. These inquiries led me to writing this month’s tip. In my mind “it takes two to tango.” As the host, you should do all you can to […]

8 Tips to Hiking Etiquette and Safety

Anytime the weather is good is a great time to enjoy day hikes. I love hiking and wish I could do more. For years my husband and I have taken annual camping trips that include daily hikes. Hikes are a great way to relax and enjoy a little solitude or to share time with loved […]

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