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Gossip: A Terrible Virus

At all times and in every situation, I recognize I must treat everyone—whether they are a close friend, acquaintance, or stranger—with the utmost care and respect which includes NO GOSSIP! Admittedly, gossiping is a large part of everyday life for many people.  For others it’s an occasional bit of fun.  Nevertheless, once it starts it […]

Workplace Etiquette

Too often, simple misunderstandings among co-workers and management lead to workplace tensions. Unfortunately, these stresses decrease both business productivity and employee job satisfaction. Here are ten simple reminders of how to get along in the workplace.

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8 Ways To Stay Sober at Social Events, Part 2

Part 1 was all about how to preparty plan to avoid having drunken guests: One of the worst things a host or guest can do at an event is to drink too much. In addition to my 8 tips, I’ve added the definition of what it means to be a drunk, and how to […]