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Manners for Pedestrians and Drivers

To be at on time I’d run red lights, speed, and elbow my way into elevators. I’d get there OK, but anxious, aggravated, and exhausted. In order to arrive alive, calm, and ready, I needed to clean up my act. This tip shows how.

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Nametag Etiquette

Readers weigh in. The greatest joy derived from producing monthly newsletters is the response from readers. A recent post, “Conference Attendance Courtesies” sparked several emails about the virtues of magnetic name badge holders. One reader reported she had purchased a magnetic badge holder to have and use at all events, just as I have.  Note:  […]

Conference Calling Etiquette

To ensure everyone feels at ease during a conference call and makes it a successful meeting. Participating in a telephone- or video-conference call is much like attending an in-person meeting, with a few twists.

The Etiquette of Knowing a Person Behind Their Job

Photo provided by Global Adjustments “We tend to refer to people by the jobs they do rather than their names. This can be disrespectful, especially lower down the professional order.” This article was inspired by my dear friend and colleague Ranjini Manian, founder of Global Adjustments, in India. Ranjini’s article tells about an intern named […]