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Flower Etiquette

Thanks to an abundance of winter (and spring) rains, beautiful flowers are bustin’ out all over. All this color in the garden inspires me to bring blooms inside as well. Here are eight tips on the etiquette of flowers.

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Letter Writing Etiquette

Does it bother you when you receive a business letter that is not well written, improperly formatted, and badly presented? It bothers me. Making a good first impression is crucial to business success. You know the importance of a good handshake to giving a good first impression when meeting someone in person. Equally important as […]

Fun Ways to Say Thank You

Saying “Thank you” to someone orally and in writing are among the most powerful two words in all languages.  Why not use it more often? There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t appreciate hearing these words as an expression of appreciation, respect, and courtesy. In fact, I believe that if people were to […]