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Bathroom Courtesies for Everyday Life

Bathroom etiquette is one of those annoying situations many hosts complain about from their guests. Follow these simple tips to shine!

Giving and Receiving Toasts

With Spring in full bloom and a number of special events upon us—graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, job promotions, retirements, and the like—here are a few tips on how to give and receive a toast.

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Being a Proper Houseguest

Summer is the most popular vacation season. For many people, a vacation includes spending treasured time visiting friends and relatives around the country and around the world. Employ these simple tips to be an outstanding houseguest and ensure both you and your hosts will enjoy your visit and they will want you back again someday.

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Saying “No Problem” is Not Proper Etiquette

Do you have one or more words or phrases you can’t stand?  I do.  Among them is the word “further” instead of “farther” when talking about distance.  Another is common on signs in stores, saying “10 items or less” when it should read, “10 items or fewer.” But my Number One worst pet peeve is […]

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