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8 Observations on Civility

I had the pleasure of appearing on a San Francisco radio show. The focus was the demise of etiquette, manners, and civility. With only a few days’ notice and knowing this was a live, listener call-in show, I thought long and hard on the subject, more than ever before. I came up with eight observations on where words such as politeness, courtesy, respect, consideration, goodness, civility have gone—along with all other words describing appropriate behavior—and how necessary these are in our daily lives. All require a little homework.

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Are YOU a Picky Eater?

Etiquette dictates you must taste at least one bite of all foods served to you. To do otherwise would be rude, particularly if you are a guest at someone else’s table. Don’t insult your host further by saying you don’t like it or by drawing attention to the situation. Keep an open mind and try bites of all foods you are served. Unless the food item is against your religion, you are allergic to it, or it’s poisonous. Try it… you may like it!

8 Tips to Building an Etiquette Brand

This month’s tip is all about building your own etiquette brand. How do you think people are describing you? Will it be good or bad? Are you doing the right thing? Why or why not? The following will set you on the right path to success: