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Etiquette at the Beach

Wherever you may be in the world summer months typically conjure up thoughts about being at the beach.  To this end, here are a few tips to help you and yours to have a most enjoyable experience at the beach.  1. Allow a minimum of five feet between groups. Take time to consider where and […]

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Flag Etiquette All Year

Keep in mind when you are planning a special event or special use of flags, there is protocol you should be following. To follow are ten tips to keep in mind…

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Is It Spam or Good Marketing Etiquette?

“Laws come into effect, when etiquette fails” is a most appropriate comment by etiquette maven Judith Martin.  Her point fits well with how we have had to pass laws governing the use of the Internet in marketing and advertising and telephone and cell phone solicitations.  Although time and laws have helped to reduce the offenses, […]