May Holidays to Celebrate

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1.  Friday, 1 May is May Day Worldwide.  The first in May marks the halfway point between the first day of spring and the summer solstice.  May Day is also known as International Worker’s Day or Labour Day throughout the world.

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To celebrate: Decorate a tall pole called a Maypole with garlands of flowers and ribbons. Have friends each take a ribbon and dance around the pole, interweaving the ribbons to form a braided affect. The braid is then undone by retracing steps. This day, invite one or more co-workers to join you at lunch or for an after work drink.  Be sure as possible to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine and share a celebratory toast to honor this day.

Cinco de Mayo2. Tuesday, 5 May is Cinco de Mayo Day.  It originally celebrated the Mexican Army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla.  However, its popularity (mainly in the U.S.) has become a day to celebrate the culture and heritage of the Mexican people. 

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To celebrate:  Invite friends to enjoy Margaritas together!  Wish someone of Mexican heritage “Happy Cinco de Mayo!” It’s all about honoring the person’s ethnicity, heritage and culture.

Happy Mother's Day3.  Sunday, 10 May is Mother’s Day.  It is a day dedicated to honor, show respect, and celebrate the sacrifices and efforts mother’s make on behalf of their children and to honor a woman in your life who has been an important maternal figure for your development. 

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To celebrate:  Take Mom* out to share time over a meal.  Send Mom* flowers (historically red or pink carnations).  Call Mom* by telephone; and/or send her a handwritten note/letter.  Tip:  To make sure she gets your card/letter by Mother’s Day… do it now!  *Remember: Mothers are:  Your own Mom; Any woman you know who has given birth to a child; Any woman who served as a maternal figure in your life.  It’s all about celebrating motherhood!

Other holidays in May to celebrate, anywhere in the world:

Armed Forces Day4.  Saturday, 16 May is Armed Forces Day.  It is a day honoring U.S. members of the Armed Forces who are currently service.

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To celebrate: In the days preceding the 18th,  ask co-workers and friends whether they have family members or close friends who are currently serving in the armed forces (including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, plus Coast Guard, and those serving in the Reserves).  Fly an American flag that day.  Call, email, or send a note.  Visit a local Veteran’s Hospital or other facility to show your personal gratitude.  It’s all about acknowledging their efforts on behalf of our country. 

Victoria Day5.  Monday, 18 May is Victoria Day in Canada.  This is mandated national holiday in Canada, originally held in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday. It also a day to honor the reigning monarch and marks the beginning of summer in Canada.  This holiday is always celebrated the Monday before 25 May.

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To celebrate:  In Canada it’s a holiday.  When outside Canada, try asking your boss for the day off, because you are from Canada… see how far that goes in giving you an extra 3-day holiday?… if this works, let me know.

Memorial Day6.  Monday, 25 May is Memorial Day in the U.S.  Originally known as Decoration Day on 30 May, this day is to honor and remember the men and women who died while serving in the military.

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To celebrate:  Gather family and friends to enjoy a backyard BBQ or picnic.  Visit the grave of someone you know, or don’t know.  Attend a parade where there is one.  Donate to a charity that serves veterans.

Conclusion:  The key is to take time this month to learn a bit more about the origins of various holidays and to have celebrating one or all of them with family and friends.  it’s all about showing how much we care about the people in our lives.

Happy Practicing!



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