A few facts about Syndi

A few fun facts about Syndi…

Ronald F. Hildebrand, husband Syndi with husband
Ronald Francis Hildebrand

 Among the activities Syndi and Ron enjoy doing most:

  • Viewing art shows of any kind
  • Attending live performance theatre, including opera, symphony, and stage productions of any kind
  • Traveling anywhere in the world with friends
  • Going camping once a year in total solitude
  • Tasting wine and spirits of any kind
  • Most of all, Enjoying life… at home, with friends, and cooking together with a glass of wine in hand, of course!
  • Except for a 14-year sojourn on the East Coast of the U.S. Syndi’s always lived in the same house since she was two years old.  It was only in 2011 she moved to San Anselmo.
  • When Syndi retires she looks forward to dong more sewing and needle-pointing which in her youth were her favorite hobbies, in addition to cooking.
  • If Syndi watches any television, it must be not only entertaining but also a great learning experience… sorry, no mindless sitcoms for this girl.
  • Combined, they have an extended family of 6 children, 4 grandchildren, 11 nieces/nephews, and 16 great nieces/nephews.  Gift buying is in batches (plural), also known as “a baker’s dozen”… by the “two dozens.”