8 Tips to Retaining Clients and Customers

Author: Syndi Seid
1 April 2014

How much do you care about your clients and customers?

Top Ten Etiquette Faux Pas!

Author: Syndi Seid
1 March 2014

I recently attended a networking event where people shared their pet peeves about rude and inappropriate behavior. It led me to create this list of my all-time pet peeves. Other than the first two items, the rest are in no particular order of importance. 1. Being late. I absolutely cannot stand people who are habitually late. I’m […]

Cultural Awareness is No Longer an Option

Author: Syndi Seid
1 February 2014

No matter where you live in the world, you can’t escape the phrase “cultural awareness.” We must all now possess it to succeed in life and business. The days of living next door to, working with, and purchasing products and services from people who look and act like us are gone forever. Now we live […]

The Importance of Being Kind and Polite

Author: Syndi Seid
1 January 2014

The New Year is a time for setting new goals.  So among the other goals you may have, here are a few quotes and concepts to always be kind and polite to everyone you encounter.  It is said: 1.   “Kindness is a universal language that all people understand.” – Jake Gaither “Politeness is to do […]

Hospital Etiquette, Part 2: When Children Visit

Author: Syndi Seid
1 December 2013

Dedicate a few minutes ahead of time to explain and instruct your child on proper behavior at a hospital. Read last month’s article on 12 Tips for the Best Hospital Etiquette, Part 1 for additional items to share with your child. 1. BEFORE THE VISIT: Never force a child to visit someone in a hospital […]

12 Tips for the Best Hospital Etiquette, Part 1

Author: Syndi Seid
1 November 2013

Whether you’re a patient or visitor, no one likes being in a hospital. Yet research shows that when someone is sick in a hospital—especially for more than two days, it lifts their spirits and aids in recovery when relatives and friends visit. [

Email Etiquette Part 2: Save Your Sanity! Six Steps on How to Organize Your Emails

Author: Syndi Seid
1 October 2013

Do you feel overwhelmed by the barrage of daily emails that clutter up your life? It seems impossible to keep up. Have you ever written messages saying, “So sorry for not replying sooner, your message was buried in my inbox?” You are not alone. This is happening to everyone! The amount of email we all […]

10 Tips on Email Etiquette – Part 1

Author: Syndi Seid
1 September 2013

Configuring and using your email system is critical to success today. Here are ten tips to remember at all times.

Are You A Chronic Complainer?

Author: Syndi Seid
1 August 2013

Are you constantly expressing dissatisfaction, discontent, resentment and negativity about life, versus being happy, helpful, and positive about your surroundings? Many people are chronic complainers and don’t even realize it. Your sentiments may be noble in thinking you are only trying to be helpful, to improve situations, or resolve something you think is wrong. Whatever […]

Camping Etiquette

Author: Syndi Seid
1 July 2013

I know you probably can’t imagine someone in the etiquette profession roughing it in the mountains… Nevertheless, I love camping. Here are 8 tips and courtesies to help you enjoy your next camping trip: