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YOU GET 201 power packed tips, filled with specific guidelines, tools and skills to help you SUCCEED IN YOUR WORK AND LIFE!

YOU WILL DISCOVER techniques and new mindsets that will EMPOWER AND ELEVATE YOU!

IT IS FOR YOUR greater balance, peace and well-being by knowing what to do and how to do it. It will impact YOU and everyone you care about.




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Etiquette In Minutes $10

YOU GET 26 power packed stories filled with insight, wisdom, and inspiration that will support you to ATTRACT ALL THE BUSINESS YOU WANT!

YOU WILL DISCOVER insights, perspectives, techniques, and mindsets that will empower YOU to reach YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL!

IT IS FOR YOUR self-confidence and power in being able to attract business in a fun and enjoyable way that will IMPACT YOU AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU!
Reg. $17.95


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Law of Business $10

YOU GET top experts sharing what they know to ADVANCE YOUR CAREER!

YOU WILL DISCOVER, insights, techniques, and skills to breakthrough blocks that hold you back to ACCESS YOUR POWER!

IT IS FOR YOUR YOUR greater awareness, savvy know-how, and lasting executive presence that will impact YOU and everyone with whom you interact!
Reg. $17.95



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Executive Etiquette $10

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It is my true intention and guarantees to provide products and services that provide support and service to those who access the teachings and guidance.

Because I believe in my work and the impact it will have on your life, you have the guarantee of my risk-free trial of 90 days. I know you will be satisfied so I back up your selections with a 100%-full-credit refund policy.

– Syndi Seid

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Syndi Seid

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