Top Ten Etiquette Faux Pas!

I recently attended a networking event where people shared their pet peeves about rude and inappropriate behavior. It led me to create this list of my all-time pet peeves. Other than the first two items, the rest are in no particular order of importance. 1. Being late. I absolutely cannot stand people who are habitually late. I’m […]

Cultural Awareness is No Longer an Option

No matter where you live in the world, you can’t escape the phrase “cultural awareness.” We must all now possess it to succeed in life and business. The days of living next door to, working with, and purchasing products and services from people who look and act like us are gone forever. Now we live […]

Email Etiquette Part 2: Save Your Sanity! Six Steps on How to Organize Your Emails

Do you feel overwhelmed by the barrage of daily emails that clutter up your life? It seems impossible to keep up. Have you ever written messages saying, “So sorry for not replying sooner, your message was buried in my inbox?” You are not alone. This is happening to everyone! The amount of email we all […]

10 Tips on Email Etiquette – Part 1

Configuring and using your email system is critical to success today. Here are ten tips to remember at all times.

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Are You A Chronic Complainer?

Are you constantly expressing dissatisfaction, discontent, resentment and negativity about life, versus being happy, helpful, and positive about your surroundings? Many people are chronic complainers and don’t even realize it. Your sentiments may be noble in thinking you are only trying to be helpful, to improve situations, or resolve something you think is wrong. Whatever […]

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Keeping Promises is Good Etiquette

Have you ever borrowed an item and never returned it? Have you promised to send a potential client or friend something, and never followed through? Have you said you’d call someone to invite him or her to lunch, but you never do it? Worst of all, have you ever borrowed money or promised to pay […]

8 Tips for Video Conferencing Etiquette

The hot new trend in meetings is video conference calls. Thanks to new advances in technology, this service is more affordable than meeting in person, and in many situations, it’s free. Before I dive into the eight best practices for producing and attending video conference call meetings, here are three articles to review on how […]

The Sandwich Technique to Deliver Bad News or Complaints

Among the many etiquette skills presented in our seminars, the one I enjoy sharing most is one of the simplest. It’s the Sandwich Technique; a tool managers use when they have to deliver unpleasant news, resolve a conflict, address a troubling situation or make a constructive complaint. It’s easy and effective. Compliments and positive statements […]

Saying “I’m Sorry” and Meaning It!

Do you know people who say, “I’m sorry,” yet continue the same offense over and over? A woman recently shared how much she disliked a friend who always apologizes for being late. Yet the friend continues being late for every occasion. Finally, she has given up on the person ever being a closer friend. When […]

Civility and Etiquette in the Workplace

Every week I see articles on lack of workplace etiquette and civility.  It appears co-workers, friends, and family members are not getting along and this is fast becoming an epidemic. People are also using the demise in civility and etiquette as a barometer for leaving jobs or cutting off friendships and relationships. This month I’m […]

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Flag Etiquette All Year

Keep in mind when you are planning a special event or special use of flags, there is protocol you should be following. To follow are ten tips to keep in mind…

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Is It Spam or Good Marketing Etiquette?

“Laws come into effect, when etiquette fails” is a most appropriate comment by etiquette maven Judith Martin.  Her point fits well with how we have had to pass laws governing the use of the Internet in marketing and advertising and telephone and cell phone solicitations.  Although time and laws have helped to reduce the offenses, […]

Hidden Secrets to Networking Success

Some time ago we published an article on the basics to networking etiquette.  Lately I’ve realized the true secret to networking etiquette and success is much more than what was first reported.  Check out  Networking Etiquette (also at to review the basics, then continue with the below addition to this important topic. Susan Roane, […]

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8 Tips to Building an Etiquette Brand

This month’s tip is all about building your own etiquette brand. How do you think people are describing you? Will it be good or bad? Are you doing the right thing? Why or why not? The following will set you on the right path to success:

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8 Telephone Etiquette Tips

Whether at work, at home, or on your mobile phone, here are 8 solid telephone etiquette tips everyone should be displaying at all times.