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Giving and Receiving Gift Cards

As the biggest holiday season of the year approaches, more people have asked me whether giving gift cards is good etiquette. I say yes, primarily because times have changed. There was a time, people considered gift cards the lazy person’s way to giving a gift. Today, it can be quite the opposite, as long as […]

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8 Guidelines to Teen (and Adult) Dating

Although most of our readers are adults, these tips are for both adults and teens. They are truly universal to anyone who dates. Thus, please read and forward the article or print it out to give a teen in your life. Here’s my special message for teens: By the time you are of age to […]

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8 Tips on Airplane Etiquette

March begins peak season for traveling. Not only is it spring break for students, but conventions and meetings begin worldwide. Here are eight tips to keep in mind when traveling in an airplane: 1. Arrive early. The main reason people are late is because they do not plan ahead. It’s that’s simple. For most trips […]

Celebrate World Teacher Day!

When I saw October 5th is World Teacher Day, I immediately entered the date in my calendar to remember from now on. We all know when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day take place; I think we should also remember World Teacher Day. The origin of this day started on October 5, 1966, at a UNESCO […]

Ethics and Etiquette: Thinking rightly!

I’m asked I sometimes get asked whether I conduct seminars on ethics, thinking it is much the same thing. While these are related concepts, there is a distinction between ethics and etiquette, especially as they relate to decision making in business and in society. As defined in The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language, […]

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Pedestrian and Driver Habits

In cities and areas around the world, where cars are plentiful and pedestrians are in massive force, it becomes increasingly necessary we all learn to be respectful and careful. I’m human, too. I used to run late for meetings and appointments. Pressed to arrive at my destination on time, I’d aggressively push that red light, […]

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Wine Bottle Smarts…

Have you ever wondered why all wine bottles are sized in the metric versus our Imperial system, What various sized wine bottles are called, and How many servings each sized bottle yields? We’ll here it is: [Disclaimer: After extensive research, I learned there are contradictions and variations on what bottles are named, based on the […]

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Keeping Promises is Good Etiquette

Have you ever borrowed an item and never returned it? Have you promised to send a potential client or friend something, and never followed through? Have you said you’d call someone to invite him or her to lunch, but you never do it? Worst of all, have you ever borrowed money or promised to pay […]

Saying “I’m Sorry” and Meaning It!

Do you know people who say, “I’m sorry,” yet continue the same offense over and over? A woman recently shared how much she disliked a friend who always apologizes for being late. Yet the friend continues being late for every occasion. Finally, she has given up on the person ever being a closer friend. When […]

The Etiquette of Knowing a Person Behind Their Job

Photo provided by Global Adjustments “We tend to refer to people by the jobs they do rather than their names. This can be disrespectful, especially lower down the professional order.” This article was inspired by my dear friend and colleague Ranjini Manian, founder of Global Adjustments, in India. Ranjini’s article tells about an intern named […]

Golf Etiquette

Calling all golfers and aspiring golfers! In keeping with my pledge to offer you only the “best of the best” … Click on the link here or below to receive an audio interview I did with my good friend and colleague, Suzanne Woo—at absolutely no charge whatsoever! Suzanne Woo is a speaker, business golf coach, […]

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