8 Tips to Video Interviewing

Updated technology makes video interviews easy, thus replacing in-person and telephone interviews. If you will be interviewed by video, go Hollywood and set up the room, lighting, and your appearance to show yourself off in the best possible way. Here are 8 tips for holding an effective video interview:

8 Tips to Building an Etiquette Brand

This month’s tip is all about building your own etiquette brand. How do you think people are describing you? Will it be good or bad? Are you doing the right thing? Why or why not? The following will set you on the right path to success:

Good Grooming is Good Etiquette

This tip is all about being presentable in every way, at all times. It isn’t etiquette to show up to an event or meeting looking dirty or messy. Everyone should always keep certain basic grooming items nearby and handy to help freshen up for any situation that may arise… especially unexpectedly.

8 Tips on Professional Company and Organization Image

When you hear the term “professional image,” do you think about how an individual looks and behaves? What about the professional image of a company or organization? Does your company or organization have a good professional image? Here are 8 tips to keep your company’s professional image at its highest level: 1. Maintain regular office […]

What Not to Wear to the Office… Especially When The Weather Is Hot

Having to go to work when the weather is extremely hot is never fun. Yet, regardless of how hot the weather may be, there are certain pieces of clothing a person—man or woman—should never wear in a professional office environment. Examples include…