8 Tips on Airplane Etiquette

March begins peak season for traveling. Not only is it spring break for students, but conventions and meetings begin worldwide. Here are eight tips to keep in mind when traveling in an airplane: 1. Arrive early. The main reason people are late is because they do not plan ahead. It’s that’s simple. For most trips […]

Celebrate World Teacher Day!

When I saw October 5th is World Teacher Day, I immediately entered the date in my calendar to remember from now on. We all know when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day take place; I think we should also remember World Teacher Day. The origin of this day started on October 5, 1966, at a UNESCO […]

8 Tips When Using an Interpreter

At some point soon, you might be traveling the world and using interpreters for business or pleasure. Here are eight tips to successfully communicate with someone who does not speak your language: Know your terms. Hire an interpreter, not a translator. An interpreter translates your words in real time, whereas a translator changes words from […]

Ramadan Awareness and Celebration

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is an Islamic month-long holiday observance by Muslims. It is also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan. Muslims consider it the most holy and blessed month of the year. It takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This year the dates are June 19 through July 17. Ramadan begins […]

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Cultural Awareness is No Longer an Option

No matter where you live in the world, you can’t escape the phrase “cultural awareness.” We must all now possess it to succeed in life and business. The days of living next door to, working with, and purchasing products and services from people who look and act like us are gone forever. Now we live […]

Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year vs. Spring Festival

It is called by many names, yet the celebration of the Lunar New Year in many Asian cultures remains the same. It is a holiday based on the lunar calendar, not the Western Gregorian calendar.  The main difference is the Gregorian calendar is based on the earth’s orbit around the sun and the lunar calendar […]

Cultural Awareness: Celebrating National Days

Except for people of Native American heritage, everyone in the United States is an immigrant from another place. Do you know when the National Day of your country of origin is celebrated? How about that of the colleague sitting near you? In countries all over the world, National Day is among the most important celebrations of the year.

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A Festival of Pongal: A South Indian New Year Celebration

Each New Year brings new and renewed possibilities to each of us. Whether you celebrate the New Year by the Gregorian calendar on January 1st , the Lunar calendar on 23 January 2012—Year of the Dragon; the first day of Tishrei in September; or whenever your culture honors the new year…

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Chinese New Year Etiquette

I love being Chinese.  It allows me extra time to “get my act together” before starting the New Year.  Somehow January 1 comes around much to quickly after the other year-end holidays. Each year the Chinese/Lunar New Year begins sometime in January or February which is much more comfortable a start date for me. Do […]

8 Tips to Stress-Free International Travel

People have asked me how I plan for trips overseas that last for up to 2 months. Here are my 8 checklist items I do for every trip…