8 Tips to Public Restroom Courtesies

Stay tuned…  Until this is ready… Enjoy Bathroom Etiquette (Also at:…or-everyday-life/  

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12 Annually Observed Days in May

The beginning of each month, I enjoy looking up what holidays, celebrations, and observances are taking place in the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Face it, no matter where you live, it’s a multicultural world. Therefore, as part of nurturing our friendships at work and within the extended families and communities in which […]

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Lying is Not Etiquette

Do you know someone who is a habitual liar? Someone who is untruthful, deceptive, and who shares falsehoods on a regular basis? The reality is, we all have a tendency to lie in some fashion. The distinction is whether it is a chronic behavior detrimental to yourself and those around you. A loyal subscriber recently […]

Be your own “cause” for success in life!

I came across this quote from a friend’s post and it’s now among my top quotes to contemplate regularly. It’s a reminder of how I want to live my life and be remembered. Many of us work so hard to get pay raises, achieve higher titles or positions that we focus on wanting the praise […]

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6 Wise Quotes to Consider for the Year

Last month I attended an event produced by a local non-profit, called Performing Stars of Marin, at The event was dedicated to thanking our former President Barack Obama for his many contributions to our country. I’m dedicating this newsletter to sharing a few of President Obama’s quotes. I hope they inspire you as much […]

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Political Correctness Versus Courtesy, Respect, and Honesty

I thought I would share some comments on a topic that is often discussed whenever we see, hear, or read about politicians in the news.  What’s important to remember is that you always convey your thoughts with respect, courtesy, and honesty, no matter the subject, and no matter where you live in the world. That […]

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Halloween Etiquette for Adults and Kids

Did you know that, in the U.S., Halloween is the second biggest celebration, next to Christmas? Click here to learn the history behind his celebration and trick or treating. (Also at: Everyone can have fun celebrating Halloween. Within a year or two of living in your home and neighborhood, you’ll learn whether you will […]

Serving Others is the Highest Etiquette

Here is a meaningful quote from the Dalai Lama, about how to live one’s life well. Please it three times to absorb its deepest meaning: Each one of us is a just visitor to this planet, a guest, who will only stay for a limited time. What greater folly could there be than to spend […]

8 Tips on Sending Flowers to a Funeral

It’s often interesting how end results come about because of a series of situations having taken place. This May tip is such an example: • I received a request from a funeral home in the UK, asking for permission to use content from an article I wrote on Funeral Etiquette. I happily granted permission and […]

Top 8 Restaurant Etiquette Tips

Spring is a time of year I start to think about dining out more and inviting friends to join me. The weather is better now and restaurants promote the plentiful local seasonal produce on their menus, which I love. Here are my top 8 tips on restaurant etiquette to keep in mind. These are different […]

Tone is Everything

As we begin yet another New Year, it’s a time to share ways to make life a little better through etiquette. This year’s tip is especially personal to me as it is something I must constantly work on to improve.  It’s my top resolution for the year. Communication has two parts: content and delivery. Often […]

How to be a Positive versus a Negative Person

I recently met a man who was highly accomplished, intelligent, and wealthy. I thought at first he was a positive person, because of all he had achieved. However, as I got to know him, I learned he was a difficult person to know and like. He was indecisive and would constantly contradict himself in words […]

Part 2: Public Transportation Etiquette During the Ride

In Part 1 of this two-part series I shared tips on what to do before and upon boarding and exiting public transportation. Now here’s what to do after boarding… Oh, if you missed Part 1, here’s the link (Also at 1. Give others your seat: Younger men and women should always offer their seat […]

8 Etiquette Tips for Public Transportation, Part 1

San Francisco is known for having a good public transportation system, including buses, above and below ground trollies—we call street cars, trains, and our world-famous cable cars (as shown to the right) that transport millions of people each day. Yet recent articles in our local newspaper describe an increase in rude behavior, as part of […]

Pedestrian and Driver Habits

In cities and areas around the world, where cars are plentiful and pedestrians are in massive force, it becomes increasingly necessary we all learn to be respectful and careful. I’m human, too. I used to run late for meetings and appointments. Pressed to arrive at my destination on time, I’d aggressively push that red light, […]