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8 Tips to Parking Etiquette

Published on April 1, 2011 By Syndi Seid

In our “hurry up” world to run errands, attend meetings, and get home, we often disregard other drivers and cars when deciding where and how to park. Here are eight of my biggest pet peeves on parking etiquette: 1.  Park straight in a parking space. In a parking lot or garage where cars are parked […]

Manners for Pedestrians and Drivers

Published on March 28, 2011 By Syndi Seid

To be at on time I’d run red lights, speed, and elbow my way into elevators. I’d get there OK, but anxious, aggravated, and exhausted. In order to arrive alive, calm, and ready, I needed to clean up my act. This tip shows how.

Road Sign Etiquette

Published on August 16, 2010 By Syndi Seid

Many Americans hit the road on vacation each year. In an effort to cut down the number of accidents due to not knowing or understanding road signs, this tip is dedicated to everyone who drives U.S. highways. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This tip is also dedicated to my brother Melvyn Seid who passed away in […]