Andrea Wagner on Formal Dining

When I enrolled in the Successful Entertaining and Formal Dining seminar, I was hoping to pick up some new tricks and learn a few finer points about table manners.  What actually happened though I was not expecting – a major change in my daily eating habits.  I had no idea that the way I hold a knife and fork was sending a message to my fellow diners.  Having learned the global style of utensil etiquette I will never zig-zag my fork again.  When I am out at a restaurant or eating with a large group I can’t help but look around to see who is holding their fork in their left hand tines down.

I am so grateful for Syndi who in one lesson was able to eliminate my anxiety about restaurant dining. I highly recommend her courses for anyone looking to improve their confidence at the table. After this training you will feel comfortable breaking bread among any crowd.

Andrea Wagner, San Francisco

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