media From the start, Syndi has regularly appeared in numerous U.S. media outlets and selected international television, radio, and print media. Enjoy viewing her appearances over the years.

EZ-Rock with Wayne Kelly – May 2016 on “Top 5 Tips for Etiquette Month”

SOH Radio – Engage America: A Chinese language radio appearance on holiday etiquette with English tips

Local KCBS Radio Special Report: Anna Duckworth on Holiday Manners 1

Local KCBS Radio Special Report: Anna Duckworth on Holiday Manners 2

KGO Radio – Dog EtiquetteGet Into Golf Academy – Interview with Suzanne Woo

Online National Business Radio – LinkedIn Lady Show

KGO Radio – Lynn Jimenez Money Talk – Business etiquette, job Interview skills, and workplace civility.

Marketplace from APM – Yea or nay: Whether to talk politics at work

The Monthly – The Kilduff File – Civil Crisis | Etiquette coach Syndi Seid takes off the gloves

Martha Stewart Living Radio – National Spokesperson for, discussing Going Global
NPR – Radio profile

Etiquette with Syndi Seid Podcasts – Bathroom Etiquette
Showing appreciation and Gratitude

media 95.7FM, British Columbia Canada
Wayne and Jane’s World
Bad etiquette—or not—to put on make-up at your desk?
2011 – Present
media The Daily Meal – Do You Have Terrible Table Manners? Signs You Need to Clean Up Your Act – Slides 9 & 11

APM on NPR Radio networks- “Marketplace” on Yea or nay: Whether to talk politics at work

media Professionals Find Appetite for Etiquette
media Shorts & To The Point
media Hours spent online could have drastic social impacts
media Bizarre foods pose etiquette dilemma – USA TodayForeign Etiquette for Americans: Tips for Traveling Abroad.

Doing Business Abroad? Simple Faux Pas can sink you (USA Today.

media Know before you go: 12 tips for doing business abroad
media Right, Left, or Across?The Lost Art of RSVPs

Who’s Expected to Pay?

Name Tag Etiquette

Making the World a Bit Nicer

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media Mind your Manners
media The Commercial Appeal – Icebox Rules
Details Magazine Charm School
Golden Gate Xpress Etiquette for Hire
media The Authentic Ms Etiquette
media Lynbrook High School – Not quite obsolete: Handshakes still hold substantial influence in professional relations
media Larkspur etiquette class: Father hopes to restore peace at dinner – Marin Independent Journal
media The Kilduff File – Civil Crisis | Etiquette coach Syndi Seid takes off the gloves
media Associated Press online – Beach manners: How to keep things sunny
media At work with Syndi Seid, Etiquette Instructor
media A. Article: Manners Matter
B. Article: Adair Lara Just Call Me Ms. Manners
C. Article: RSVP…’Please respond’ is no joke. So lick that stamp now!
D. Article: Ritz Hostess…Ritz-Carlton offers classes for high-end entertaining
media In a Manner of Speaking, Be PoliteHoliday tipping can be tricky gift giving
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media Master Your Universe. A report on a recent seminar for youth. – Fremont Tri-City Voice
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Transaction World Learn how manners make money and politeness makes profits
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media Want to go Global?
media Leading business magazine in Brazil
media Filling the ‘Poise Void’ in Kids
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media Pardon me, but is that my roll?
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media Etiquette Tips for the not-ready-prime-time geek.