To begin, here’s an excerpt from an interview with Syndi that describe various aspects of our services…


Consider this:
“All people are the same; it’s only their habits that are different.” Confucius.

What this means is…

Your Habits can Become the Social Faux Pas and Business and Political Blunders that make or break your business relationships and deals!

Advanced Etiquette offers a full complement of products and services to educate anyone ages 8 to 88 to avoid social faux pas becoming personal, business, and political blunders.

Click on each category below for details on each service area, whether for a company/corporation, school at any level, an organization of any size and type, or as an individual, we can help!

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Business and Hospitality

Does your company conduct business internationally?

Doing business in a global marketplace means you and your teams need to understand cultural differences,*which includes attitudes about interpersonal communication skills, time management, personal space, gift giving, humor, food, and more. Since every country’s rules and customs are different, it’s dangerously easy to offend others without even knowing it, which could mean a loss of business and productivity.

*Cultural awareness is no longer optional.

It’s equally crucial to now learning computer skills

to succeed in business and life.

As a result, whether you are simply polishing workplace civility to “get along” and interact with co-workers or the management team, when conducting business globally, everyone must possess the two most important forms of professional polish… we call EI².

Emotional Intelligence + Etiquette Intelligence = EI²

Advanced Etiquette works with companies to help prepare executives and staff to conduct business at all levels of international interaction.

For over 20 years, we’ve assisted business professionals to overcome interpersonal fears and insecurities to gain poise, confidence, and authority in any business or social situation anywhere in the world.

Clients have included Hewlett-Packard Worldwide, Sprint International, Marriot Hotels, and National Semiconductor to name a few. [See our About-Clients page for a partial listing of happy past clients.]

After leveraging our services, individuals are:

  • Better prepared to work in diverse situations
  • Able to improve relationships with internal and international counterparts
  • Are confident when interacting with anyone, regardless of the country, language or culture

Affiliate Offices in China and India

Much of our work takes us around the globe to engage with in-country executives and staff to prepare them to conduct business in the global marketplace. By accelerating communications skills and increasing respect to advance productivity—both internally and with your client/customer base, the end result is a happier, more productive successful company.

Having now established affiliate offices in India and China, we know how to extend our services globally quickly and easily.

So, contact us today to discuss how we can be of service to your company to take your global training needs to the top levels of productivity and success by first producing our brand of successful learning experiences.

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Conference speaking and Organizations

Conference speaking and Organizations

Smaller group meetings…

to larger international conferences…

Syndi stands ready to provide whatever is required to bring your event rave reviews as a result of her fun, unique learning experiences,on a topic that is not at all “humdrum.”

Whether you are a speaker bureau seeking speakers, a company planning a department, regional, or company wide meeting, or an planning a national conference in the U.S. or internationally, contact Syndi today to discuss how she can be of service.

With trends toward holding global video conferences, Syndi equally looks forward to being of service in whatever way in required.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Syndi enjoys speaking at any youth, teen, or professional non-profit organization whenever time permits, as a speaker, workshop or seminar leader, or to provide articles for newsletters and other printed materials. Please contact Syndi to discover what can be done to benefit your organization.

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Media appearances

Media and Special Appearances

Syndi loves media opps! See our Media page for a sampling of Syndi’s past media appearances on television, radio and print media. Then contact her to discuss ways she would love to be of service for a one time appearance or perhaps an on-going relationship as a columnist or regular etiquette expert.

Special Appearances

Whether being an enrichment speaker on a cruise ship—as pictured above—or appearing in other ways for your events, Syndi looks forward to exploring the many possibilities to be of service.

Please contact Syndi to learn how she can develop one or a series of presentations for your events.

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Online distance learning

Online Distance learning

This is a great service for any company, school, or organization wanting to offer distance learning for people all over the world.

Stay tuned into 2015 as we launch our own distance learning home study programs for companies, groups, and individuals.

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Private briefings, coaching and consulting

Busy professionals…

Syndi enjoys assisting busy men and women who require special arrangements outside the classroom setting to master a new form of professional polish, crucial to avoiding social faux pas and political blunders.

Whether it is a private briefing for an upcoming important meeting overseas, or coaching to master etiquette skills, Syndi stands ready to receive your call.

Individual coaching…

No matter the age of her participants, Syndi enjoys coaching men and women of all ages individually to overcome any situation the person may have.

Corporate/Company Consulting…

Advanced Etiquette is often hired as an independent consultant to assist the in-house staff when producing special events, executive and diplomatic dinners, and other meetings where adhering to the right global protocols on seating arrangements, flag displays, and other arrangements are critical to the overall success of the event.

Advanced Etiquette is currently seeking one great company for which to provide a complement of year-round services in a package arrangement, for one low annual retainer. Example: Syndi was hired by Hewlett-Packard worldwide for nearly 9 straight years as their exclusive etiquette trainer.

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coaching, or consulting service just for you!

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Public seminars

Public seminars

Here’s where Syndi shines. No other company offers the array of courses as we do.

Each year in Spring, Summer, and Fall seminars are offered to individuals and small groups, wishing to polish their interpersonal skills in the areas of international business protocol and social etiquette.

The year’s full schedule is released in February of each year where early registrations are encouraged online, by telephone, or regular mail.

Courses offered, include:

  • World-Class Business Protocol and Social Etiquette
  • Successful Entertaining and Formal Dining
  • Afternoon Tea and Etiquette
  • Youth Good Manners and Dining Etiquette
  • Teen Etiquette Confidence
  • Youth and Parent Good Manners and Dining Etiquette
  • Other special events throughout the year also shown on the Schedule page.

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Schools at all levels

Schools at all levels

Elementary, Undergraduate, and Post-graduate schools, colleges and universities

One of Syndi’s greatest joys is conducting presentations, workshops, and seminars for schools at any level to bring forth greater awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem among youth, teens, and young adult men and women.

Contact Syndi for specific details on how she can design and tailor programs to meet your institution’s goals and objectives

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We look forward to being of service real soon.

Youth and Teen

Youth and Teen

Throughout the year Syndi enjoys being of service to youths and teens for…

  • After-school programs, including School to Career programs
  • Junior League, Brownie, Girl and Boy Scout programs, and the like
  • Community-based and other private youth organizations… Cotillions and other seminar programs

It is imperative we educate our next generation of adults and leaders to display appropriate behavior in all they do, in order to live happy, productive, and successful lives in society that is without stress and insecurities we regrettably are now experiencing all too often in people today.

On an aside, we encourage parents to also attend these classes, not only to reinforce the skills taught in class for home review, but also to gain valuable skills for their own life. Our courses becomes a great witness to the kids parents aren’t just “sending them” to this class; parents are also willing to be in the “same boat” as they are to learn new skills. This experience becomes a great family activity that positively bonds them together forever!

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