Restaurant Etiquette Pet Peeves

Among the infinite reasons and occasions people go out to eat at restaurants the holiday season is among the top three times of year people enjoy treating others—and themselves—to a nice meal.  Yet diners and staff alike can be terrible at adhering to appropriate etiquette and behavior.  The following is a list of my friend’s […]

Party pre-planning is the key to success!

Imagine this: Your party guests will be arriving in 20 minutes, and you’re not worried. All is ready. . . and you’re feeling pretty smug about it, too. The house is clean and the atmosphere you’ve created is warm and friendly. The chocolate mousse is in the freezer. The salad is crisping in the refrigerator. The hors d’oeuvre are in the oven and all the other foods are in serving trays and bowls. You’re all dressed, not stressed.

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8 Ways To Stay Sober at Social Events, Part 2

Part 1 was all about how to preparty plan to avoid having drunken guests: One of the worst things a host or guest can do at an event is to drink too much. In addition to my 8 tips, I’ve added the definition of what it means to be a drunk, and how to […]

Picky Eaters

Some years ago my husband Ron attended a party where a man after eating several helpings of a most delicious food suddenly wouldn’t eat another bite. Why not?

8 Ways to Prevent Drunken Guests at Parties – Part 1

In the past month I received two inquiries on how to handle staff members who become drunk at company events, and how to handle guests who get inebriated. These inquiries led me to writing this month’s tip. In my mind “it takes two to tango.” As the host, you should do all you can to […]

The Etiquette of Wearing a Hat

Spring is upon us, Easter is coming soon, and baseball season is about to begin here in the U.S.  It is the time of year many people wear all sorts of hats, until winter hats are again needed. Actually, this topic has been on my mind for months, waiting for just the right month to […]

Wedding Gift Rants

This week I was contacted by a news reporter who is doing a story about wedding etiquette.  In so doing we talked about wedding gifts and how difficult it often is for someone to be expected to give an expensive wedding gift… after already giving an engagement gift, a shower gift, and then spending lots […]