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Calling all golfers and aspiring golfers!

In keeping with my pledge to offer you only the “best of the best” …

Click on the link here or below to receive an audio interview I did with my good friend and colleague, Suzanne Woo—at absolutely no charge whatsoever!

Suzanne Woo is a speaker, business golf coach, and author of On Course for Business (published by John Wiley & Sons) which is the definitive book on how to use golf to deepen relationships and increase sales.

If you already play golf or have thought about using golf to increase your personal, professional and financial abundance, you’ll want to listen to our interview. We talk about proper etiquette on and off-the-course with your clients and prospects. To access our interview, click onto the special site below:


and at:

As an extra gift from Suzanne, she was also featured in four short videos for, covering topics such as etiquette, playing golf for business, changing your game when playing with clients and prospects, and the personality information you can learn about your playing partners.  You’ll get these videos as well when you register for our interview… such a deal!

So don’t be left out of the business action that happens on the golf course.  Start learning now by entering your name at to receive not only our interview, but also Suzanne’s four videos to improve your business golf game.

Last, please forward this offer on to anyone you know who plays golf.  They’ll thank you for thinking of them and for helping them improve their game.


P.S. For primarily International Subscribers: We know at times various sites are not easily accessible outside the U.S.  We’d really appreciate hearing from you if this happens to you that the links we send don’t work where you are.  Unless we hear from you, we will have no idea anything needs fixing.  Thank you in advance for your help whenever you aren’t able to view what we send.

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