Good Grooming is Good Etiquette

This tip is all about being presentable in every way, at all times. It isn’t etiquette to show up to an event or meeting looking dirty or messy. Everyone should always keep certain basic grooming items nearby and handy to help freshen up  for any situation that may arise… especially unexpectedly.  This list is equally relevant to any student—from elementary to post graduate—who should also want to look good at all times.

So here are my Top 10 Grooming Kit Items to always have on hand at a moment’s notice:

1. Hand sanitizer or sanitizing sheets, such as Purell

2. Packets of facial tissue, such as Kleenex

3. Breath mints/fresheners, such as Listerine sheets and Altoids

4. Dental floss, Brush Up Teeth Wipes or toothpaste and small tooth brush

5. Small comb and/or hair brush

6. A small sewing kit with extra safety pins in various sizes

 7. Cold prevention items such as vitamin C, Emergen-C, Airborne or other cold remedies of your choosing

8. Painkillers for headaches, such as Tylenol or Advil; Tums for indigestion; or Immodium for diahhrea… especially  when traveling abroad

9. Nail clipper and file

10.  Spray-on or small stick stain remover for clothing accidents… especially when traveling.

For especially women… please do not carry huge, full-sized items in your huge purse/kit.  Make the effort to purchase smaller, travel sized items to carry in your kit.  Place this arsenal in small pouches in your office, home, car, and purse or briefcase. By having several kits on hand wherever you are, you will be able to look and feel sharp at all times. For men, have an extra shirt and tie at your desk or in the car and for women, I rely on having an extra shawl, sweater, or jacket stashed in my car and office, for those unexpected situations, cool weather and/or frosty air conditioning.

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Happy Practicing!

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